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Best for Flat Feet

The Nike Lebron 19 does a really great job in ankle support and midfoot cushioning. The cushioning is very excellent. A combination of dual-chambered Air max with Zoom Air in the forefoot gives you the highest impact protection and responsiveness.  It’s all that you want for flatfoot support. Nike Lebron 19 is a bit on the heavier side but the design and features are really top-tier. Which makes them the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 550g – 570g | Top: High-Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length React + Full-length zoom Strobel + EVA | Material: Mixture of textiles including mesh and leather materials


  • Ankle support
  • Lateral stability
  • Midfoot support
  • Soft Cushioning
  • Crazy responsiveness and jump force
  • Aesthetic colourways
  • Durable design


  • The grip is weak on outdoor courts
  • Too heavy 
  • Expensive

Detailed Nike Lebron 19 review

Nike Lebron 19 basketball shoe is the nineteenth shoe in Lebron’s signature shoe line. This is probably the best  Nike NBA sneaker with excellent support features.

The Nike Lebron 19 is the best shoe for flat feet basketball players. The side stability and ankle support features are improved than the last models.

The shoe cushion ensures high jumps and safe landing on the game floor as king Lebron James himself. 

Shoe Designer Jason Petrie has added new innovations in Lebron 19 by combining Zoom air with dual chamber Air max. Most responsive cushions are crafted to maximize the speed when the pressure is on. 

Lightweight see-through material, super impact protection cushioning, and ankle support are highlights of Nike Lebron 19.

Let’s walk you through the Nike Lebron 19 features in detail.

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Nike Lebron 19 Facts & Specs:

Weight510g- 570g
MidsoleAir Max Zoom Air Cushlon
MaterialLightweight Textile Mesh
SizeTrue to size


Nike Lebron 19 has a rubber outsole with an unconventional traction pattern. The Nike Lebron 19 has a micro-engineered pattern on the outsole. This blade traction pattern is inspired by James Labron’s crown logo. 

The innovation on the outsole was intended to make multidirectional traction better. The Lebron line has been struggling with traction. It has only slightly improved from the last ones.

The hardwood and clean courts grip nicely. The outsole has little side riggers for quick stops. 

However, on the dusty courts and outdoor areas, the traction pattern on Nike Lebron 19 basketball shoe is not so reliable. It picks up dust quickly. A quick clean would make its traction better. Overall traction is o.k ish.


Full-length Zoom is one of the best cushioning technologies in basketball shoes. Nike has doubled the cushioning in these performance basketball sneakers.

Nike Lebron 19 has a dual Air max unit chamber in the heel and a connecting Air max chamber running from the midfoot area to the forefoot. The forefoot area is cushioned with a Nike Zoom Air unit. 

When the heel strikes the ground, air travels from the Air max unit in the heel to the forefoot. That gives the player a forward thrust. It makes your moves quicker and faster.

The Collective dual cushioning setup has made Nike LeBron 19 a little heavier. But the impact protection and amount of cushioning are massive.

Although, the court feel is not so great. But Nike LeBron 19 is the most comfortable shoe with an air max unit and Zoom air.


The Nike Lebron 19 has to mesh upper materials that look more like plastic material. The thin and lightweight upper covers the forefoot area. 

The material is very soft. It fits like a glove on the foot and feels really comfortable.

The shoe size has a Nike swoosh. On the side of the heel area, the plastic material surrounds the heel. It’s more like it’s caging the heel. 

The tongue of the shoe has soft cushioned pods. The ankle collar is pretty high in these high-top James Lebron shoes. The nice amount of cushioning pods protects the ankle area. 

Overall the material on Nike Lebron 19 is kept minimum and light. It’s an effort to compensate for the overall high weight of the shoe. 


Nike Lebron 19 is a High top basketball sneaker. It gives tons of stability to flat foot, neutral, or high arch players. The midfoot area has high padding. On the midfoot area, the side of the shoe has winglets that are connected to the laces. 

These TPU material winglets are very supportive of the median and lateral stability. The forefoot has lateral caging for better lateral containment.

The laces extend up to the ankle area. So when you tie the laces it gives a snug and secure feel to your feet.

The ankle and tongue are padded with lightweight cushioning pods. The ankle area is caged with an internal TPU setup. That keeps you safe on the high jumps. 

The shoe outsole has some outrigger areas. It’s a huge upgrade in the latest Nike Lebron 19. These outriggers give a nice lateral containment to the shoe. 

These are very supportive of side-to-side movements. There is absolutely no heel slippage. Overall the support is excellent.


Nike Lebron 19 has a true-to-size fit. This shoe’s weight is a bit on the heavier side. So these are better for the bigger guys.

If you have slightly heavy feet then you must buy half a size up. Because the Nike Lebron 19 is a snug fit. Its eyelets extend up to the ankle area. So when you tie the laces, it gives you a very secure and contained feel.

The Midfoot area is caged with the winglets. There is no heel slippage. So Nike Lebron 19 lockdown is amazing. 

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

James Lebron’s 19th signature shoes are designed by Jason Petrie. There are currently 17 colourways available on Nike’s official website.

That includes NBA Laker’s purple colourways too. All bright and vibrant colourways of Nike Lebron 19 depict the great energy of James Lebron on the basketball court.

The design and colours are very cool. Even if we leave the stunning features of the shoes aside for a while, the looks of basketball shoes are beautiful.


The basketball shoes Nike Lebron 19 are tested for indoor and outdoor performance. In terms of performance in indoor courts, traction was biting the floor. However many experts say that the outdoor well-maintained basketball courts, the traction is great according to its expert performance review.

However, on rough surfaces, the micro-engineered traction pattern is problematic. So these are not one of the best performance sneakers for outdoor games.

However, the durability of the Nike Lebron 19 material looks premium and thin. It looks flexible and delicate. But its material is durable. 

The outsole and the side caging make shoe material very secure. The Lebron 19 is a bit expensive. But these are durable and will definitely be with you for a couple of seasons.


The material on the Nike Lebron 19 is thinner and more flexible than Nike Lebron 18. The upper mesh looks like a thin see-through plastic or rubber material. 

It is very thin and lightweight.

The material is breathable. It will keep you fresh on a hot summer day. The lightweight material on the top of the Nike Lebron 19 will not get heated up easily.

User Review:

The latest release Nike Lebron 19 is getting positive feedback from many users. It’s liked by big guys and those basketball players who like a lot of cushions. 

On the other hand, these are appreciated among flat-foot basketball players. It has got a 

4/5 rating on the official Nike website.

Another popular seller has shown a user rating of 4.1 /5 for Nike Lebron 19

Expert Review

1-Foot Doctor Zach

Nike LeBron 19 are the most tech-packed shoes. Lebron 19 is definitely not for everyone. Lebron 19 is on a bulkier side too. These are the most maximalist shoes. It depends on your choice what you select.”

2-Wear Testers

“There are a lot of those tech specs. I really love the shoe. upper is way more forgiving. Nike lebron 19 is wide-foot friendly. These take time to break in but they feel awesome once broken in.”

3-Sole Brothers

“ It’s a fun shoe to play in. but I wish the traction would be a bit better. If you want a lot of support and a crazy cushion for impact protection then it’s for you. Also, these are way too heavy.


“If you are not doing a lot of lateral movements, then everything else on the shoe is pretty solid. The cushion is crazy and bouncy, the material is fine in terms of performance. The fit and support are great as well.”


“The ample cushioning and support make this one of the most comfortable sneakers on the market, especially for larger players, though they’re less grippy than the LeBron 18 and ay feel a bit too bulky for smaller players.”

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