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Our Verdict:

Best for Centers and Versatile players

Nike LeBron 20 is the most aesthetic pair that Nike has got us this year. Overall, it has been an amazing performer with high comfort, traction, and support. If you are a fan of plush cushioning that gives high-energy returns, nothing is better than Nike LeBron 20. It’s a solid performance shoe for center.

Facts & Specs

Release Date: Oct, 2022 | Signature: LeBron James | Weight: 420g| Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full length Cushlon + Zoom Turbo + Zoom Air | Material: Woven Mesh + Textile


  • Nike’s best shoe for high jumps
  • Great impact protection
  • Stable for agile moves
  • Lateral stability
  • Arch support
  • Great aesthetics


  • Need an initial break-in period 
  • Expensive

Detailed Nike LeBron 20 review

Nike LeBron 20 is here with its exquisite design box holding all the achievements on top of it. I loved the minimal yet classy looks of the pullout box. 

The “All-Star” Colorway is all set to dazzle the basketball court with its premium design. The eyes stay at the golden metallic embellishment “XX” at the start of the lace line.

The mesh upper has a double side swoosh. Along the tongue, “Legacy Preserved” is engraved with King Lebron’s crown-shaped logo, and the heel has a patch with the words “The Records of King James.”

The peach outsole gives a faded look. It won’t look tacky like a sheen white outsole does.

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What’s Exciting About Nike LeBron 20

Nike has moved towards making more lifestyle sneaker designs in professional basketball shoes. Therefore, for the first time, I have seen LeBron shoes in a Low-top in ages. 

I flipped the shoes upside down, and dear Lord, their traction pattern looked crazy. 

Moreover, Nike is all set to release its very premium all-suede upper “Liverpool F.C” and “Olive suede” colorway. 

Stay with me as I will break down all the good, bad, and slightest details about Nike LeBron 20.

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1. Traction:

Nike LeBron 20 is on the battlefield with the Most AGGRESSIVE traction pattern. It looks more like electric cables that are somehow interconnected. You’ll see a dunk man going to shoot the ball on the heel part.

The grooves on the outsole are nicely separated. These are as good as you can think. On hardwood and other indoor surfaces, the traction is very reliable. 

It’s traction that gives you a lot of control over the sudden stop and go. There will be no issue with quick turns because it’s great right out of the box.

Its widely separated grooves are easy to wipe if there is dust, but dust pickup is minimal. So Nike LeBron 20 is good on outdoor courts too.

But why would anyone take a basketball sneaker outdoors when it costs 200$? 

2. Cushion: 

Nike LeBron 20 is the best cushion for big guys who need a lot of responsiveness underneath their feet. Center and forward are going to love the full-length Cushlon. 

What makes it more responsive and bouncy are two zoom units in the heel and forefoot. The heel part has an air Zoom unit; on the forefoot, there is a Zoom Turbo unit.

The cushion is undoubtedly very soft and remains the top favourite of many reviewers this year.

It’s a premium cushion that is bouncy and gives impact protection, especially if you are a bigger guy; you feel very secure on hard landings. Unlike cheaper flat cushioning, it’s not gonna crush your knees.

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3. Material:

The Nike LeBron 20 has a full mesh upper. It looks like a woven fabric wrapped around the feet. The swoosh and the tongue area are all leather. 

We see leather on Laceloops for improved durability. The material is very breathable. The inner side of the heel has good padding to protect the ankle area. It conforms to the foot very well and hugs your feet perfectly. It’s a durable material. 

But if you do a lot of toe drags, remember it does not have any overlays on the toe box for extra durability. But overall, it’s a good material.

4. Support: 

Nike LeBron 20 is a supportive shoe. It will protect the ankle area with the internal TPU heel counter.

If you are someone with Tendinitis or are susceptible to ankle injuries, these are the great option. It has a stiff plate under the midfoot. It serves two purposes.

One, do not let your feet bend too much when you take turns, thus protecting the Achilles tendon.

Two, it acts as a base that stores all the potential energy and releases it upon high jumps. 

The sides of the Nike LeBron 20 are wrapped up in Cushlon from the rear foot and a hard plastic from the forefoot with a little outrigger. 

Hence these are stable sneakers that won’t let you slide on the sudden side stops. It makes LeBron 20 a very stable shoe.

5. Fit:

It’s a snug-fit shoe. It wraps around your feet and gives a secure fit. The wide footers would feel a little compression on the pinky-toe area. But the fit is just perfect for medium or narrow-foot players.

So buy a half size up if you are a wide-feet player. The overall fit and step-in comfort is outstanding.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Nike LeBron 20 looks very different from the previous model, where LeBron 19 had hard plastic materials on the lateral and medial sides.

This one has no design exaggeration. It’s a simple all-mesh upper with leather patches on the swoosh and back of the shoes.

So far, we have many colourways. Stocking Stuffer, The Debut, South Beast, Trinity, Purple and Gold, and All Stars are a few names with all woven mesh upper.

While the suede upper material sneaker cost more than 200$, the look of the Nike LeBron 20 is premium. 

7. Outdoor/Durability

Nike LeBron 20 has thin grooves on the outsoles. That, too, is more on the softer side. So these are going to wear out soon on outdoor surfaces. 

Moreover, it’s expensive as the starting price is 200$. Many premium colourways sell for more than 300 USD.

Hence we do not recommend basketball shoes for outdoor use. 

8. Breathability/Ventilation

Nike LeBron 20 is very breathable on all sides. The air passes effectively through the woven mesh, keeping the feet dry, free of sweat, and hygienic.

A supportive fabric runs under the woven mesh that does not affect the durability of the shoe. 

9. User Review

Nike LeBron 20 remains one of the few basketball shoes with very positive reviews. Its attractive design and balanced features have only added good comments from reviewers so far. 

On The official Nike store, it has received a rating of 4.8 from its users.

10. Expert Review

1-BBall Shoes / Reddit

“It has great cushioning and in these sheo there is a general improvement in the lowered stack height. There is improved court feel. But outsole is dust sensitive and these are expensive sneakers.”

2-Foot Doctor Zach

“I would say, that for the tech enthausiastics, that is defintly the best shoe and it worth the price. These are tremendouly voilent and containing. So can make noble movements in them. Also these are the best for flat feet players.”

3-Kicks Contest World

“New generation of players would love these kind of innovations and great performance. LeBron 20 would be good for shooting guards and wing player. But keep in mind, these are not for outdoor use.”

4-Jason g Kicks

“Olive green colorway is the most dope colorway of LeBron 20. LeBron James is going to become an all time high scoring player with this one. Its a highly tech packed sneaker.”

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