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Our Verdict

Nike LeBon Nxxt Gen is an excellent supportive shoe. In addition to good support and lockdown, its cushion is responsive, and traction is reliable. So what more do I want if I can get a LeBron at a lower price? I liked the shoe performance. It’s a balanced basketball shoe. It is one of the Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support.

Shoe Details

Release Date: Jan, 2023 | Signature: LeBron James | Weight: 400g| Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Zoom Air + Zoom Turbo | Material: Combined Mesh


  • Dependable lockdown
  • Consistent traction
  • Excellent cushion
  • A cheaper LeBron in budget with excellent performance
  • Stable and very supportive sneaker
  • Great lateral containment
  • Very suitable for big guys and centers


  • Bulky
  • Upper material looks cheap

Detailed Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen Review

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen comes in a white box with only two alphabets in black on the top, N and T; the rest I found by tilting the box as they are in white too. XX from the Nxxt reveals the time that LeBron completed with Swoosh company, that’s 20 years.

The sides of the box have a lion face, while the simplistic white box is slightly larger than the usual ones. The sneaker is Low-top, with a simple Mesh upper that you will notice right out of the box. 

The double swoosh sign on the medial, where the bigger one has a geometric pattern, and the other is just a simple plastic piece. The lateral sides have another swoosh sign. The shoe silhouette completes with the tongue containing LBJ and Nike.

The translucent outsole pattern is the map of Akron, Ohio, where LeBron lived.

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What’s Exciting About LeBron James’ Newest Signature line LeBron Nxxt Gen

Nike paves the way for the new generation into the sneaker world by introducing the latest LeBron sneaker line on the 20th anniversary of the contract with King LeBron. 

It’s a perfect time to launch a signature line for a generation that loves speed and agility. So this sneaker is made to deliver the best shock absorption, durability, and control over the speed.

Well, I can’t state just one exciting thing for me. There are many good features. It’s a brand new line, which feels so much lighter. 

As they said, it’s for the next Gen, so a Newbie can’t comfortably hoop in for so long and switch to another line. Because those are made explicitly for His style, His move, keep reading to know the answers.

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1. Traction:

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen’s traction pattern is a unique map pattern reminiscent of the area where LeBron lived. Traction is very consistent for hard stops.

It grips the clean indoor basketball courts well, and the grooves stick perfectly on the hardwood floor. It’s a pattern engineered to pick up traction from any foot movement.

On the lateral moves, the traction is phenomenal for stopping at a dime and pivots. It goes well with the speed and agility of the present-day or next generation. For which it is made. So it caters to the purpose perfectly.

The translucent outsole instead of the rubber is used here. That picks up dust and is easy to clean. But still, you have to ensure its outsole is clean for continuous solid traction.

2. Cushion: 

The Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen uses Zoom units in the forefoot and heel. The Zoom Air is under the heel, and the Zoom turbo unit is in the forefoot. 

So Zoom Air never ceases to amaze me regarding its ability to give impact protection and heel comfort. It gives a nice bounce and responsiveness. So you are perfectly safe if you make a couple of heel dominant strikes in the game.

Zoom turbo in the forefoot completes the cutting-edge cushioning technology setup in LeBron shoes. 

Both units are top loaded, and the underneath foam is thicker that’s not so high up the ground to compromise the court feel but gives decent impact protection. 

The overall cushion is good and lightweight.

3. Material:

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen used Combined mesh material to cover the top shoe area, reducing weight and improving breathability.

It’s a vast square and crisscross mesh different from the usual mesh materials used in sneakers. The toe box has a slight synthetic leather patch for added durability on more complex surfaces for toe draggers.

The ankle collar and tongue have minimum padding. But there are no ankle pillows to secure ankle areas. Even then, the Nxxt Gen Material feels very soft and comfortable.

4. Support: 

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen bends in half; that’s the only thing worrying me about the shoe support. Even though the TPU Plastic plate is a part of the midsole, torsional support is not above average. 

But it has a prominent outrigger that is great for the containment of your feet on the footbed. The mid-top basketball shoe has a simple lacing system with two extra eyelets on the ankle part. 

It hugs the ankle part when you tie the laces, and the heel part has a TPU heel counter for a perfect and secure lockdown. There is no heel slippage.  All these features make the lateral stability and containment excellent.

5. Fit:

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen is a snug-fit shoe. So a narrow footer should buy true-to-size fit while the medium and wide footer should at least buy half size up. Very wide feet players should buy a full size up than their actual size. It’s a narrow-fit shoe, so I bought half size up for me, and it’s good so far.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Faze Clan X, I Promise, and Wolf Grey are the colorways that are officially released from the Nike brand so far. I Promise being the coolest colorway that I got. Both shoe are in different colors and cross matching shoe laces.

I loved the aesthetics and minimal design and features of LeBron Nxxt Gen

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

The LeBron nxxt Gen does not look so promising for the outdoors as its rubber grooves are on the softer side. So it will melt down soon on the heat and rough outdoor surfaces.

As far as you keep them for indoors, they are really good. Also the outdoor dust pickup will be higher thats not good for the traction. 

The 160$ LeBron sneakers are best for indoor use. The only way to increase their life and longevity is to limit their use to indoors.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

The Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen has upper mesh materials which is light weight minimal and breathable. 

The combined mesh will allow the maximum airflow around the towbox. You wont feel sweatty on feet. Moreover its a great way to maintain foot hygeine and avoid bad smell.

9. User Review

LeBron Nxxt Gen is fresh air in the old lines of basketball sneakers. Nike did the best job stirring up some features and bringing up a suitable signature model in the mid-range for everybody to use. So for its best qualities, it’s getting a rating of solid 5 out of 5 from satisfied users.

10. Expert Review


“ Traction is amazing. But fit and lockdown are the best part. I liked how it feels on feet, and i felt its lockdown is better than LeBron 20. But 200$ are a lot to spend on them.”


“ if you can’t buy the LeBron 20s and ok with how the upper material is not premium. The cushion has good impact protection. The support of the upper is very nice. traction is excellent. Also, these are very lightweight sneakers. It’s the lightest LeBron from Nike.”

3-Tommy Liu

“Traction is good but picks up dust. Fit and support are nice too but once you flip, you flip entirely. Fit is narrow. By the time you use them, you loose a bit of comfort and get better lockdown.”

4-The Sole Drops

“Material is thinner, traction seems very good, cushion is responsive, and i loved the aesthetics. They look almost as good as LeBron 20. For 40 $ cheaper than LeBron 20 these are definitely looking better.”

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