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Best for flat feet

The Nike PG 6 is the best basketball shoe this year that is very budget-friendly. It has superior traction, midfoot plantar facilities, and a very responsive cushion. The pg 6 is the best performer Nike basketball shoe for flat feet and outdoors this year. The fit is roomier in the toe box, but that is good news for wide-foot players. Overall it’s a great performer basketball shoe for flat feet.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 390g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: React foam technology | Material: Lightweight Mesh


  • Lightweight
  • Impact protection
  • Responsive Midfoot 
  • Bouncy React cushion
  • Arch support
  • Indoor and outdoor best traction


  • Durability
  • Less ventilation

Detailed Nike Pg 6 Review

Paul George’s 6th signature shoes are the most comfortable budget-friendly basketball shoes of 2023. 

Paul George plays on both ends of the basketball court. Nike Pg 6 helps him play relentlessly to achieve ultimate dominance on the basketball court.

To meet his speed and playoff style, Nike designed a shoe that goes well with his defensive and offensive style. 

These are the most Approachable shoes of 2022 for their affordable prices. The shoe has no lacking for its outdoor or indoor use. Additionally, the plush cushioning and tremendous support setup make it the perfect hoop shoe. 

So let’s look in detail at its features and design specifications and why you should or should not have it.

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Nike Pg 6 has a rubber outsole. That has a circular pattern on the heel while the forefoot area has wide spacing between radial and linear patterns.

The traction is impressive on the Nike Pg 6. The rubber outsole is soft to the touch. The heel area is nicely curved for a nice heel-to-toe transition.

Traction is very gripping on the hardwood or indoor courts. It makes very quick stops possible. Where you can easily make cuts or go forward and backwards. In the outdoor courts, it does not pick up dust on the dirty courts too.

So Pg 6 has got super performer traction on it. It is definitely better than the previous Pg shoes.


Cushioning technology is different from the last year’s Pg 5. Where Nike used the Zoom Air unit for maximum responsiveness. 

In the Nike Pg, 6 React foam technology is used combined with the midfoot Strobel. This makes the basketball shoe jump pro. You get great bounciness in this NBA sneaker.

The Pg 6 React technology provides superior impact protection and softness. The shoe is not too high so you are going to get a perfect court feel too. 

It will keep you protected on hard heel strikes. Overall the cushion is very supportive and comfortable.


The material on the top of Nike Pg 6 is made up of lightweight thin mesh. It is very soft on the foot. On the forefoot areas, it has side overlays made up of synthetic leather for improved durability.

The top of the tongue has a pull tab with a Paul George logo on it. The tongue area is nicely padded. The shoe material is predominantly textile on the forefoot and the back. 

This hugs your feet so well. The ankle area is padded to protect the Achilles tendon on the basketball 

The material quality looks great for a low-budget shoe. It is sufficiently padded and comfortable.


The Nike Pg 6 has an excellent support pattern. The shoe rightly deserves a place among the best Nike basketball shoes for Flat feet players. Pg 6 is also great for ankle support and tendonitis injuries.

The midfoot area is a little higher than the forefoot. The Strobel foam has a polypropylene shank plate to give it torsional rigidity.

The high-up area from the midfoot support hard landing on the basketball floors. 

The Nike Pg 6 has small leather pieces on the lateral sides of the shoe. The outsole comes up and wraps the sides. So lateral stability is improved than previous models.

The Back of the Pg 6 has an internal TPU heel counter. The material on the ankle area is also padded. So all these best qualities make this shoe best for anyone looking for a shoe with planter facilities. 

Also, there is almost no other shoe on the market with all these great features and low prices. So Nike Pg 6 is a must-have in your basketball shoe collection.


Nike Pg 6 has a nice curve shape in the midfoot area. This gives you a nice contained feel. The upper hugs the feet nicely. Pg 6 is not so wide. So you must go true to size if you are buying a pair of these basketball shoes.

The shoe is not very wide. So if you are a wide feet player, the Nike Pg 6 might feel snug on the pinky area. It would be best to buy half size up than your actual size. It has a conventional lacing system.

The shoe fit and lockdown are great. It takes minimum time to break in. 

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Nike Pg 6 is recently available in six different colourways on the official Nike page. That includes blue paisley, black and white, infrared, crimson, and painted swoosh. 

The design, material, and colourways have a style of their own. It would give you a lot of confidence for your bold moves on the basketball court. Overall the loos and material are excellent for a low-budget Nike basketball sneaker.


Nike Pg 6 is used on outdoor surfaces and tested for its durability. The reviewers agree that the solid traction remains consistent on the indoor and outdoor courts.

Dusty and rough surfaces do not alter the traction performance on the outdoor courts. It bites on the floor and sticks like glue.

Nike Pg 6 had some issues with durability. The soft rubber on the outsole does not look so durable. So it is not recommended t use these basketball shoes on hard surfaces. Because Pg 6 outsole rubber seems to wear out soon.


The upper material of the forefoot area is a textile mesh. That is a bit different in its textures from the mesh running along its sides and back. The upper does look so breathable. 

Its fabric is not so thin to let air circulate around the feet. 

So on a hot summer day, it may heat up your feet a little bit. We would say it’s an 8 out of ten. Other than that, In my opinion, these NBA sneakers are Nike’s best easily available pairs. 

User Review:

The Nike Pg 6 is very much appreciated by the fans and users. These NBA sneakers are best for any position. 

The fact that these are cheap and easily available is the icing on the top. 

These are great performance basketball shoes for their soft cushion, amazing traction, and excellent support. 

On the other hand, the design is great. Overall it’s a must-have shoe in your NBA sneakers collection.

Expert Review

1-The Sole Brothers

“Overall, it is a top-tier performer. For 120 bucks, you are getting super comfortable react foam. I think most people going to like the shoe. Mostly guards are going to like the shoe. It’s going to be in my top shoe list with Curry 9, MB 01, and Harden VOL. 6. It’s definitely gonna be in my rotation.”


Great cushion, traction, and support. In 110S it’s a pretty good performer. The only thing is that cushion could have been a bit better on the forefoot. But I’m totally okay with that. At 110$, I would highly recommend you all go pick up a pair”


“Cushion and traction did their thing to hold this one up but were let down a little bit by the material. Pg you deserve better than this mesh. Overall it’s a 7.8 out of 10. It’s definitely gonna hit in my rotation as it’s cozy, bouncy, and lightweight.”

4-Foot Doctor Zack

“These are stable from side to side. If you are heavier, the cushion is likely to bottom out quickly. Arch is pretty stable because of the shank. Nike Pg 6 are best for players looking for quick vertical and rebounding”

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