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Best for outdoors

Nike has never failed to produce superior quality shoes and this Nike renew Elevates 3 is a 10/10 for many reasons. These outdoor basketball shoe reviews are in the favor that they are comfortable for long games on outdoor courts. Durability and cushion make it the perfect hoop shoe. Some may have problems with lateral containment. But overall Nike Renew Elevate 3 makes a better budget choice.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 297g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Renew foam with Phylon | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Superior traction 
  • Thick midsole
  • Flexible material
  • Durable for longer outdoor games
  • Good Court feel and responsiveness


  • Its fit is slightly narrow for some people
  • Material is average

Detailed Nike Renew Elevate 3 Review

Nike Renew Elevate 3 is the budget model from Nike. Get this shoe if you want to make an impression offensively and defensively. 

The Nikes renew elevate 2 was released with a similar price tag. This year’s release is appreciated by users and reviewers because its traction and cushion are much more improved than the Elevate 2. 

Let’s not forget to talk about aesthetics, the Nike Renew Elevate 3 has a range of nice colorways with a very affordable price tag of 80 bucks.

So let’s have a complete review of the new shoes if they really meet the outdoor as well as indoor performance shoe requirements.

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The outsole of the Nike Renew Elevate 3 has a herringbone pattern. The outsole on the forefoot area has a spiral herringbone pattern. 

The mid-foot area with the zig-zag shape of deep thick and deep rubber. The traction pattern really supportive. It has an excellent grip on the floor.

When you play a speedy game it gives you better control over movements. The outsole traction pattern has absolutely no issue at all. With this budget, the Traction pattern of the Nike Renew Elevate 3 is quite good.

The rubber outsole has a geometric tread pattern. It does not get dusty on a clean court. However, it might pick up some dust on the moderately dusty courts. That would not affect its performance.

It would not be wrong if we say that outstanding traction is the highlight feature of this shoe for outdoor play as well as indoors.


The Cushion setup is a full-length Renew foam with phylon. Nike Renew elevate is the dual-density setup. The same Nike Renew elevate 3 cushion setup was used in the older Nike Renew elevate model but it’s a bit improved in this one. 

The Renew elevate 3 is bouncy and comfortable. However, it’s not one of the best cushioning setups.

Although it’s not very thin. It is good for providing responsive cushioning in the midfoot area. That is a brilliant option for arch support with any flat-foot player. 

In Nike Renew elevate 3, renew foam is thickest in the heel. While the forefoot area has the minimum padding. Overall it is quite nice for impact protection. However, with this foam density, you will have a great court feel playing basketball. 


The material on Nike Renew Elevate 3 is a mesh textile on the upper forefoot area. That is although not very premium quality but it looks great in different colorways.

The median and lateral sides have fuse overlays on the toe box. That looks nice and adds to the durability of the shoe. 

The sides and the back of these basketball shoes have the same mesh material with Nike swoosh on the side area. The tongue is padded with foam that is not so much thick and is covered with the same mesh material. 

The laces are wide and on the laces area, fuse material above the shoe textile upper makes it more durable. 

The material of Nike renew elevate 3 feels cheap on the lining area. Materials stretch and become more comfortable as you use them. The break-in time is minimum. 


The support pattern on Nike renew elevate 3 low-top shoe works fine. The shoe has a wide base and the heel area is sufficiently padded. It totally contains your feet in the heel area and there’s no foot slippage.

The backfoot is also nicely padded to support the Achilles area. The lateral containment is perfect on the shoe with its outriggers on the shoe sides. 

A wide shoe base gives solid support to feet on high torque movement. There is no issue with the support of Nike renew elevate 3 however the material is not very stable. 


The Nike renew elevate shoe is a snug fit. The internal area is not so roomy. If you are a wide footer, you can feel a bit tight on the true-to-size shoe. So buying half a size up shoe may be a nice option. but there might be dead space on the toe box.

However Nike Renew Elevate shoe fit is just perfect for slim footers and they should get a true-to-size shoe. 

The shoe materials fit nicely with its laces tied on. Initially, it may feel tight, the toes do not move at all. But the stretchy material makes it comfortable over time. 

Looks / Appearance / Colorways:

The Nike Renew Elevate 3 first release black color looks very premium. It uses 3 different shades of black that look super cool. 

These classy basketball shoes are now available in many beautiful and aesthetic colorways, that include black wolf grey, purple, and white with lemon. 

Below are pictures of 5 different colorways of Nike Renew Elevate 3 you might wanna check them out.


The Nike renew elevate 3 shoe has a very thick rubber outsole and spiral herringbone pattern. The material of rubber is hard and it literally bites on the floor. 

It is very supportive where high torque movements are required. It is not slippery on outdoor surfaces. The dusty area may affect the traction but a quick wipe will bring its traction back on track.

So the Nike Renew Elevate 3 is a good option for outdoor use.


The Nike renew elevate 3 has a textile mesh material on entire shoe. The material and the shoe itself are very light.

The mesh is light of foot and it is breathable. It would not heat up your feet in outdoor areas. So it ensures that you feel fresh play stronger.


The Nike renew elevate 3 shoes have a minimum price for performance sneakers. It has nice internal padding. so as far as durability is concerned, its material is stretchy and strong. 

Although Nike is making budget shoes to increase its market, the shoes will work great on outdoors and will surely last a few seasons.

Also, the rubber outsole is thick and the rubber is strong so Nike Renew Elevate 3 will make great outdoor hoops.

Casual basketball shoes with below-average traction will slip easily on the dusty court even if you use them for about an hour. but Nike renew elevate durability is outstanding

User Review:

The user review of Nike Renew Elevate 3 is 4.3/ 5. As these are the latest release for 2022. The user appreciation is expected to go higher. Although video reviews of Experts Nike renew elevate 3 are very supportive of its consistent traction and on-court performance.

Expert Reviews:


“I think its a very solid performer shoe for 80 bucks, the fit in the forefoot area can be an issue for wide footers, but its a nice fit for narrow footers”


“A lot of things about the Nike renew elevate 3 are appreciable, its extremely lightweight, traction, support, and fit are really really good. Overall I like the shoe.”’


“The Nike Renew Elevate 3 is an ok shoe, nothing special in my opinion. If you are looking for a budget basketball shoe and these guys ring your bell aesthetically, then go right ahead. They will not disappoint you. But, I will also say that there are better budget options for similar pieces out there”

4Foot Doctor Zach

“These feel absolute brick on the jump shot, however, Nike renew elevate 3 are lighter and supportive on quick and shifty movements. These are comfortable for certain players.”

5-Tommy Liu:

“These are the solid shoes to hoop in. I didn’t see any problem with playing in them outdoors as well, especially with its 80 dollar price Nike renew elevate 3 a good option.”

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