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Our Verdict:

Best for guards

The low-top Lamello balls signature shoe allows great freedom to move around the basketball court. All puma shoes have an awesome traction pattern. Low ground cushion and on-point support make it the best basketball shoe for guards 022. It might not be too supportive for rapid stops, caging rubber outsole is flat. But overall it’s got every feature of a great basketball shoe.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 430g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Nitrofoam + EVA | Material: Textile silhouette + Suede patches


  • Consistent traction
  • Super step-in comfort
  • Responsive cushion
  • Biting traction
  • Lateral support
  • Comfortable and soft material
  • Lightweight


  • Heel slippage
  • Minimum cushion

Detailed Puma MB 01 lo Review

Puma MB.01 Lo is the Low-top version of Puma MB.01. The low-top signature shoe design stems from the LaMelo Balls slogan “Not from here”. 

He is one-of-one. MB.01 Lo UFO colorways rightly go with this slogan. A light grey color sneaker with a blue outsole and design around the shoe depicts the light beam coming out of a UFO ( which is an alien object). 

The light colorways are otherworldly and attractive.

Why did we choose this low-top version of MB.01? The answer is that these are arguably the most popular and quick basketball shoes right now. 

This basketball shoe was initially released in “Team colors”. 

LaMelo Balls’ favorite shoe was Kobe 8, which was a low-top basketball shoe. 

After the mid-top puma MB.01, puma launched MB.01 Lo to match his playing style.

MB.01 Lo signature shoe instantly sold out. We listed a few retail outlets where you can still grab a pair.

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For on-court performance reliable traction is a key feature to look in an excellent basketball shoe. 

Puma MB.01 Lo has a radial pattern on its outsole. There are a few colorways that have a translucent outsole. 

The team’s colors” colorway has a solid rubber outsole.

which has a non-slip rubber compound that enhances durability and traction.

The traction setup is reliable. It is great and quick on the clean courts. It has a great grip when you are moving in different directions.

 But on the outdoor dusty court, it just did not perform well.

These quickly get dust on the shoe. It needs frequent wiping off of the outsole.

Overall, performance-wise, the traction is good for quick players but it is not very outstanding.


If you are looking for a plush cushion and a minimum shoe. Then Puma MB.01 Lo is the one you must grab.

The cushion is similar to the mid-top version of Mb.01. It features a full-length Nitro-Foam. Which is very responsive and soft 

The insole foam is made up of EVA. both of these make a responsive and comfortable cushioning.

Step in comfort is superb. There is great impact protection in Puma MB.01Lo. You do not feel very low to the ground. 

The shape of the shoe is curved on the forefoot. So with this kind of cushioning, you can make high jumps, and the forefoot shape and flexibility give a forward push. It will definitely help you move faster on the court.

It has a little less court feel. But the cushioning is great in Puma MB.01 Lo.


The Puma MB.01 Lo has a mono mesh upper. It is not very flexible. It takes time to break in. But it soon conforms to your foot and you are good to go.

The side of the forefoot has fused overlays for durability.

The medial side has an embroidery design. The top and the tongue of the shoe have 1-on-1 written on them.

The tongue and the whole shoe are padded to give maximum impact protection. The textile mesh material is light and breathable. It is light enough that you can play in them for an extended time period.


Puma MB.01 Lo has fused overlays all on the forefoot materials. The side of the shoe has a plastic TPU cage.

The whole setup is very nice for lateral containment. As you make side-to-side moves it contains your feet to the footbed.

The shoe base is wide for nice stability in the shoe. The lace-up system will give extra support and fit. 

The midfoot shank plate in the Puma MB.01 Lo will give torsional rigidity and prevent form any arch muscle injury.

The back of the heel has an internal TPU heel counter to protect the Achilles area. It also has good padding for maximum ankle support. The side of the Puma shoe has a TPU cage for extra support and stability.

Overall the support pattern is very reliable in puma basketball shoes.


Puma MB.01 Lo first signature shoe has a wide base. But it is not too wide from the toe box. The shoe fits true to size. 

But if you have wide feet or a wide toe area, then you must go a half size up to fit in these shoes. Internal padding and comfortable material fit nicely around your feet.

The shoe has minor heel slippage. Minimum padding on the heel area is probably the one reason for heel slippage.

You will feel more comfortable in these basketball shoes as you play more. 

Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Puma basketball sneaker is released in very low-toned colorways. The design and style are loved by fans and players so much. 

The low-top version of this first signature shoe was initially released in “Team Colors” colorways. This has a white base color with blue stripes. Then they released bright red and purple of the same colorways, Another one is UFO. which is grey and light blue in color.

Galaxy is the third colorway. 

Team colors are the 8th in the line of puma MB.01 colorways which are released in the low-top version. There are many to come yet.


Puma MB.01 Lo has a translucent outsole on UFO colorways and a solid rubber outsole on Team colors colorways.

The translucent outsole performant is great on outdoor courts. However, the rubber compounds are not thick and deep enough to last longer. Its durability profile is not so great.

Also if you are planning to use Puma MB.01 Lo to play outdoors, you must know that the rubber outsole picks up dust very fast on dusty court and need cleaning up. The outdoor usage of puma mb.01 lo is not encouraged.

However, if you are comfortable with frequently wiping the outsole, then you can play in puma basketball sneakers on the outdoor basketball courts.


Mono mesh upper material is synthetic mesh. The side of the shoe has some suede overlays on the upper material. It is nicely padded to protect the player from any kind of injury.

The shoe upper is not very breathable. There is a lot of textile and padding in and around the shoe. Also, the material quality is cheap. But it gets the job done. 

User Review:

Puma MB .01 Lo signature shoes of LaMelo Ball are very much appreciated by the fans. It almost instantly sold out. 

Users and players have great reviews. It has got a user rating of 5 out of 5. We believe that this first signature shoe performs exceptionally well. it will maintain the good rating of a great performance basketball shoe.

Let’s now see what experts have to say in Puma MB 01 lo Review.

Expert Review

1-Sole Brothers

“I experienced terrible heel slippage, aesthetics are amazing it feels great on foot. I would prefer Puma MB.01 than its low. But if you guys are getting a low top, then avoid its rubber outsole version.”

2-Tommy Liu

” If you think that the Low top version has reduced the weight, no it’s not. Cushioning is decent, and traction is great on an indoor court. The only downside is that it picks up a lot of dust and overall I am very happy with how it feels and looks on the feet. Super nice colorways in my opinion.”

3-Snkr Tech Talk

“As far as the performance goes you have these fantastic shoes at an amazing price. Traction is reliable in and outdoor basketball courts. With the Nitro foam, you have a ton of impact protection in the heel and a pretty good court feel upfront. Material is cheap but they performed well.”

4-Hoop and Life

“ With all the hype that revolves around the lamella balls signature shoe, this might be top5 first signature shoe with good tech and good price. Puma and LaMello are going in the right direction with these.”

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