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Best for outdoors

These super-fit puma MB 01 are certainly one of the top 10 best outdoor basketball shoe with super-duper traction.  All the reviews are in the favor of puma MB 01 outdoor great play, It supports great longer games outdoors. These are most comfortable, have no break in time, has strong cushion and material.  The outsole may pick up dust but it’s super easy to wipe. Overall it’s excellent all around.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 430g | Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Nitro foam (Nitrogen infused EVA) | Material: Textile Mesh


  • Simple minimal design
  • Amazing traction
  • Snug fit
  • Thick outer sole
  • Nice court feel
  • Great fit and lockdown


  • Light material is likely to stain
  • A tight fit can be an issue
  • Minimum impact protection

Let’s have a detailed insight to know what this budget-performance shoe has for a versatile playoff

Detailed Puma MB.01 Review

The new Puma MB 01 basketball shoes are the signature basketball shoes of the young and energetic star of Hornet LaMelo Ball. NBA voted him Rookie of the year 2021. The energy, the performance, and his playing style are all stunning

Puma collaborated with the footwear portfolio of the LaMelo Ball in 2021. So the first signature Puma MB 01 was released earlier this year 2022, and since then they released a number of colorways. Recently they launched a Low top version of Puma Mb 01.

The debut performance basketball shoe of puma mb 01 is an excellent outdoor beast. It is appreciated equally among the players and top reviewers.

So let’s see what are the highs and lows of LaMelo ball’s first signature shoe Puma Mb 01.

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the performance of the outdoor shoe highly relies on its traction setup. 

The latest debut release of the Puma MB 01 basketball shoe has a very thick rubber outsole. The thick rubber outsole is essentially designed to be slip free.

The rubber outsole has thick grooves and is translucent. It also has a pivot point on the forefoot area. The traction pattern on the Puma Mb 01 is very outstanding. 

The non slip rubber compound of the Puma MB 01 basketball shoe will totally stick to the court and not slip at all. In a clean court, you will not have any issues.

The outsole picks up dust and it needs to be wiped and cleaned. So in an outdoor game, the base will pick up some dust. It’s easy to wipe, however, the dirty sole can make the performance sneakers a bit slippery.

The overall shoe performs very well on outdoor and indoor clean courts.


The cushion setup of Puma MB 01 basketball shoe is composed of full-length Nitro foam. It nicely molds around your foot. The full-length Nitro foam is not so thick. It gives a good amount of compression but the compression is just not too great.

The nitro foam gives standard impact protection. It is not too outstanding. But the overall feel is so soft. It does not compromise on comfort. the cushion is nicer than Adidas Dame 8.

The tongue of the puma shoes has Lamelo’s logo. that looks awesome

The cushioning Puma MB 01 is not so thick and it gives a very good court feel. The insole is very soft and comfortable. The breaking in time is minimal.

The Puma Mb 01 cushioning is great for a guard position player. It is overall very responsive and gives nice court feel. it’s just what you expect for good impact protection and great on-court performance.


the latest technology for making Puma mb 01 performance basketball shoes focus on incorporating more durable yet lighter materials. 

So the upper materials in the first signature shoe puma’s Mb 01 are a lightweight mesh materials that is composed of a textile. Textile mesh has fused overlays to minimize damage to pressure points of feet. Also adds greatly to durability.

Puma MB 01 feels hard at first. The more you wear these basketball sneakers, become more flexible and cozy. the court feel is great. The upper material on the forefoot area has minimum padding. The shoe has lightweight feels overall.

Puma brand material is very supportive. It offers almost zero break-in time.


Puma’s mb 01 has a side plastic caging. It nicely contains your feet and prevents any slippage. The internal heel counter also aids in lateral containment.

LaMelo ball’s signature shoe by puma is not so wide so combined with the lateral rubber caging and the lacing pattern it keeps your feet secure. 

So the puma MB 01 lockdown is very nice. There is no heel slippage and instability. Grip and impact protection in puma mb 01 with nitro foam does a very good job.

The ankle area is lightly padded and the shoe ankle support is minimal. The Achilles area is not very well protected. the only downside is that ankle support could have been better.

The overall support pattern in LaMelo ball’s signature shoe by puma is not so outstanding but it does the job.


Puma MB 01 base is not so wide as other performance basketball shoes. It has a very nice shape and fit. The shoe grip may feel snug to the wide footers. it does not have a very wide base.

So going half a size up from the actual size would make these shoes comfortable

For narrow feet players, the shoe fits nicely. So they should buy a true-to-fit size 

So after tying the laces your shoe fit feels very comfortable it is even better than Adidas harden vol 3

  1. Looks/ Appearance/ Colorways: 

Puma MB 01 looks very vibrant and fashionable. The design of puma MB 01 is very distinctive. Its colorways are appealing. 

Ranging from galaxy to Rick and Morty. You can judge easily that puma Mb 01 designer has done a great job.

It’s available in many looks. The puma shoe back has Melo written on it along with the logo of Puma.

Puma mb 01 also has a distinctive flower pattern on its lateral sides. Its Overall very pleasing design that increases its market value.


The sole of Puma MB 01 gets dust on it so to keep the traction working and consistent, so on a dusty court, you may need a wiping of the dust. but the good news is, it is translucent and is very easy to wipe off the dust. 

The traction performance solely depends on the base of the shoe. The more dust it picks, it will result in more heel slippage.

Clean courts will have no issues with the shoe. 

However, it will be a bit of a struggle to wipe off the shoe on an outdoor site in order to maintain a consistent traction pattern.


LaMelo ball’s signature shoe by puma has mesh material on the upper area that is very minimal. It is nicely padded to protect the player from any kind of injury. 

The upper is composed of both mesh material and fused overlays. They are great for outdoor use but the mesh material does not allow much airflow. it is very lightweight though.

So the puma MB 01 is not very breathable. It may heat up your feet a bit on the longer games.


Puma MB 01 rubber is very hard and thick on its bottom. It has a spiral pattern that is deep and tough. The rubber outsole may feel tough but it is a very durable option for longer use on outdoor sites.

The upper material on the top of the brand puma mb 01 is very thin but it is not going to worn out easily. it’s surely going to last a few seasons. The overall impression of the outdoor shoes is good. 

User Review

The user reviews for LaMelo ball signature shoe brand puma Mb 01 are very satisfactory. Shoe performance is outstanding collectively. it is appreciated in international market as well.

 Some of the users have issues with the lateral stability of puma mb 01 but it’s a minor factor.

The user rating is 4/5. based on multiple review.

Expert Reviews

We’ve got exclusive insights from top shoe experts for you.


“Puma Mb 01 is freakingly amazing I have no issues at all, really enjoyed playing in it. It has great traction, and cushions, a very well-responsive pattern for a guard.”


“Perhaps suprisingly, LaMelo Ball’s first signature shoe is outstanding. Building on the success Puma has head with its recent set of performance shoes, LaMelo ball Puma MB.01 is excellent all around”.


“Your average hooper should really enjoy these. The Puma MB.01 Low is packed with performance goodies that all could be described as “goldie locks features”: great cushion that isn’t too plush or tooresponsive, support that isn’t too lax or too restrictive… everything on the shoe is just right.”


“These mellows can stand out. Your eyes might be drawn to these. I think the durability pattern is pretty solid on it. Its branding is great.”

Foot Doctor Zach:

“The Puma mb 01 shoes offer solid traction, and the cushioning setup is great. The fit is great. The shoes are not for higher arch foot players. Overall I like these”

Hoop and Life:

“ NBA player LaMelo ball signature shoe has high tech and good price, these are the first greatest signature shoes. Really liked the cushion, traction was tricky, support was great. One of Top 5 shoe”

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