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Our Verdict:

Best for Centers and Forwards

Puma MB.02 is a top-tier performer, like its 1st signature shoe. The only difference is it is better in the cushion and traction part than MB.01. The very stable shoe, packed with superior cushioning technology, makes a highly suitable shoe for the guards and Centers. It’s undoubtedly going to rock on the court with its great qualities.

Facts & Specs

Release Date: Oct, 2022 | Signature: LaMelo Ball | Weight: 430g| Top: Mid Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: EVA Foam + Nitrofoam | Material: Woven Mesh


  • Lateral stability
  • Amazing comfort
  • Superior impact protection
  • Springy midsole
  • Top-tier traction
  • Breathability


  • Low court feel
  • Design is so similar to Puma MB.01

Detailed Puma MB.02 Review

After the most hyped and great performance first signature sneaker of Puma MB.01, I have my hands on Puma MB.02.

Unlike the window box of MB.01, MB.02 has Angel wings on the top, where I can see the sneaker from the transparent part. You can read the words “NOT FROM HERE” on the top with a Puma and LaMelo Ball logo.

The sneaker design has the same wings on the lateral and medial sides. But they have used synthetic overlays in this one.

I liked the plush and soft padded silhouette. The shiny toe box overlay and the logo on the heel part look beautiful. Sit tight for the full performance review of the most awaited 2nd signature sneaker.

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What’s Exciting About Puma MB.02

If I am forced to tell just a single amazing feature of Puma MB.02, it would be its Nitrofoam midsole.

The minimal and highly impact-absorbing cushion is perfect for hoopers who jump high and stay along the wings.

Hence, Angel LaMelo Ball’s signature sneaker would cover them for all the dunks, rebounds, and high jumps.

Moreover, it is going to be a top-tier outdoor shoe for the year of its durable build. He is Rare; He is one-on-one. Let’s dig into a full performance review of his 2nd signature shoe.

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1. Traction:

Puma MB.02 has a very hard rubber compound on the outsole. I see a racing tire traction pattern, then a traditional herringbone pattern that continues toward the midsole. 

The traction won’t let you slide in an indoor court. It’s a type of traction that is made for fast footwork. The hard rubber grips the floor and aid in quick lateral moves.

However, the traction pattern is not suitable for dusty basketball courts. It picks up dust easily, and you need to wipe the outsole for consistent traction.

Hence the traction is perfect for shifty moves and is very reliable because it’s a rounded shape outsole, and the traction wraps the sides.

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2. Cushion: 

Puma MB.02 has Nitro-infused EVA foam in the midsole. The foam is a bit on the denser side. It will give you tons of impact protection.

But it’s not a very bouncy shoe. The dense underfoot foam is perfect and most suitable for heavier Cernter and Forwards. 

The foam is not going to be pressed easily underfoot. Hence it will remain good for a longer period even if you are a heavier player.

It is soft, responsive, and very comfortable. The insole meets all the orthotic standards. The step-in comfort is amazing.

It gives you an average bounce for your high jumps. Overall the foam does the job very well. It’s one of my favourite cushioning so far.

3. Material:

Puma has made a closely knit mesh upper material in MB.02. On the top of it, the shiny overlays that run on the toebox and the side wings give it extra durability.

The material looks durable for long-term use. Moreover, the inner side of the heel and tongue have a good amount of padding to give you a feel like it’s hugging your feet.

Overall, the material is durable and soft from the inside. 

4. Support: 

The Puma MB.02 has left no stone unturned regarding support features. The shoe has side TPU plastic lines that give lateral stability. 

We have a hard external heel counter. That wraps around the heel. The mid-cut shoe has an internal heel counter too. It’s basically doubled up on ankle protection.

The midfoot area is so stiff with a shank plate. Moreover, the dense EVA foam combined with the shank plate gives it more stiffness. 

The shoe has no prominent outrigger. But the base is wide enough to give a good lateral containment. Overall, it’s a supportive shoe and good for anyone with flat feet, shin splints, or tendonitis. 

5. Fit:

The Puma MB.01 is good, with its true size fit for most players. Anyone with narrow, medium feet should get a true-to-size shoe. 

The lace loop moving up to the ankle collar in the mid-top shoes gives a better fit and lockdown. The tongue area has a good amount of padding that gives a soft and plush feels.

It’sIt’s one of those shoes where you get one on one fit and super lockdown.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Puma MB.02 looks pretty much the same as the previous model. They have also put the same wings design in the MB.02 with little changes.

It does not look too premium. So far, we have its Jade, Slime, ROTY, Phenom and orange colourways which is the debut release sneaker of MB.02.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Puma MB.02 is one of those top-tier basketball shoes this year that is very durable for its hard outsole, thick padding, and durable upper.

These are worth every penny for their robust construct.

But, the outsole tread is so narrow. The outsole grips like glue on an outdoor court too. But the grooves may fuse sooner than later because these are thin and have narrow spacing.

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

The Puma MB.02 has a woven mesh upper. Unlike LeBron 20, where you have wide spacing between every thread of mesh. This one here is a closely knit material. 

The material is soft and breathable. If you are playing the whole day, you will feel ventilated in these sneakers.

9. User Review

Puma’sPuma’s most awaited LaMelo Ball’sBall’s signature sneaker has a 4.6 rating on its flagship retail outlet.

10. Expert Review

1-Viral Sneaker

“If you have a good fit, the MB.02 fit would be robust. The material is breathable and strong enough to keep my foot moving from the footbed. The cushion is pleasant for you if you are not concerned about the court feel or tend to compress other foam cushions. Traction is good indoors but doesn’t expect it to last longer outdoors.”

2-The Sole Drop

“The MB. 02 is a banger, and it performs really well. Amazing traction, really good cushion with great impact protection, the material feels soft and minimal, and support is great. I also like the addition of outsole curvature. The only thing is, the aesthetics could have been better.”


“If you are a Melo fan and looking for good traction, impact protection, and also a ton of support, it is the best one to get all in one.”


“I can’t find anything wrong with the shoe. It’s another excellent shoe by Puma. I highly recommend you this shoe as if you were me. It’s 10 out of 10 shoes from me and probably the best basketball shoe of the year.”

5-Evan Yee

“While it looks similar to the last year’s LaMelo Ball’s sneaker, it is better in traction and material. The overall rating of this sneaker is 9.1 out of 10.”

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