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Best for outdoors

Under Armour Curry 9 has some deadly traction pattern on the outsole, and the flow cushion is low to the ground for perfect impact protection. But the shoe has an amazing lockdown and stability pattern. It’s an overall top-tier outdoor performer shoe.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 320g | Top: Low Top | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Full-length Flow+ EVA | Material: UA Warp


  • Super responsive cushion
  • Great lockdown
  • Amazing traction
  • Lightweight
  • Don’t accumulate dust
  • Budget-friendly
  • Torsional stability


  • Less durable
  • Too bouncy

Detailed Under Armour Curry 9 Review

Under Armuor curry 9  is the latest rendition of NBA star Stephen Currys signature pair in collaboration with Under Armour. The last Edition Curry 8 was a huge success. So naturally, there were higher expectations with Curry 9 too.

Stephen Curry, a former Nike athlete came into contract with Under Armour officially in 2013.  His signature curry line started in 2015. Curry 9 has improved from its previous model curry 9 in so many ways. Traction was a beast in curry 8 so UA maintained this pattern. 

However Material is slightly bit improved. Let’s find out in our detailed review about Curry 9.

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The  Under Armour Curry 9 has a distinctive tread pattern on the outsole. The tread pattern is similar to its former edition curry 8. It extends to the sides.

The flow technology tread pattern has variable depth in contrast to the herringbone pattern where you get the same depth all over the shoe outsole. 

This can be the main reason that the traction on this shoe is one of the outstanding factors. It remains consistent on all surfaces. 

With these special colorways the sesame street colorways where the outsole is white, it can get dust on the very dusty floor. 

But it is easy to wipe and get back to its biting the floor kind of traction on under armour curry shoe. The tread pattern on the outsole does not make any squeaks. But it grips the floor really well


The cushion in Under Armour Curry 9 is full-length Flow foam. The Flow foam is integrated with the outsole.

The flow cushion is very responsive. When the outsole and foam are combined with the longer inside shank that extends to the forefoot, it will give you the most responsive cushioning setup.

Being a hoop shoe under armour curry 9 will support your feet in high jumps, curry flow gives nice impact protection but the cushion is not too bouncy. It’s a decent setup that will give you get good impact protection and court feel. 

You get a great court feel with the curry brand. There’s a lot of compression in the heel. You will feel it’s a soft cushion on your feet as the foam is very lightweight. 


The upper materials in the last year’s model under armour curry 8 needed improvement. In the latest Under Armour curry 9, the material on the top of the forefoot is composed of a textile mesh. The material is called UA warp.

The mesh upper materials have a criss-cross design. Upper in the forefoot area runs along the midfoot. There are some nylon threads integrated inside the mesh.

This unique construction of under armour Curry 9 upper has increased its strength. It offers a lot of foot containment. the materials are greatly improved than last year under armour curry 8.

The shoe material is very stretchy and comfortable. It’s lightweight. The shoe has synthetic material around the tongue area. From the midfoot to the back, there is suede material for added durability. it has a minimum break in time.

The tongue has a lot of padding. It’s a traditional tongue and laces in the curry 9. The material is stretchy and comfortable, it’s indeed one of the best upper of curry line.


The Under Armour curry 9 is a solid performer for its ankle support and lateral containment. The back of the shoe is a bit high so it’s nice to support the Achilles area. 

The shoe heel portion is wide but not too wide to do any heel slippage. Its material is stretchy and comfortable as the UA warp material support side-to-side movements.

The shoe has a little outrigger area on the side of the forefoot to offer support in lateral movements. The midfoot shank plate in this curry brand running all through the forefoot is giving torsional rigidity.

The support pattern in Curry 9 is unmatchable for its UA warp material. It’s just outstanding in every aspect. 


The shoe has a roomier fit. The average width or narrow feet player should buy the true-to-size shoes. However if a wide footer will go true to size, it can cause pain in the toe areas. So it will be better if they go half size up than their true size. 

The tongue of the shoe is a separate conventional style. That offers you a choice to make a loose or tight upper fit with laces as you choose unlike the curry 8 where it was a half bootie upper.

So this shoe fits perfectly around the feet. Basketball shoes are equally great as running shoes.

Looks / Appearance / Colorways: 

The under armour curry 9 design has many noticeable changes from the last curry edition. The top of the tongue has a patch with Curry branding on it.

stephen curry signature shoes looks so cool in all colorways. On the outsole, you can see the signature of Stephen Curry and the logo. 

The shoe design is unique in so many ways and the outsole extends up on the back of the heel. It looks aesthetic and different. the shoe is so stylish to be used as regular running shoe.

There are many colorways out to retail Curry Flow 9. That includes the game day, the game day white and black, Beleive, Steet pack- talking, Street Pack- cookie, street pack -Elmo, Street pack -Abby, The black day, and many more. You can check it out all over here.

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For outdoor use you need killer traction. That is consistent in almost all the Curry editions. The traction is outstanding in Curry 9 too. 

While playing basketball, It will make quick side stops with zero slippage. The outsole may get dusty but a quick wipe will reset the traction. curry flow 9 gives great impact protection and court feel.

Curry 9 has no issue on outdoor, or indoor courts. On clean and mildly dusty courts its performance was phenomenal.


The UA Curry 9 design is improved from Curry 8 in terms of material and support. The new shoe has crisscross material on the top. It is very breathable. 

It is light as a feather on your feet. The ventilation on the feet will keep you going in long games.


The UA Curry Flow 9 has integrated foam and outsole. That will make a great shoe for any surface. The outsole is although not have so deep patterns on it. But it is hard. 

The forefoot is flexible but the midfoot area has a long shank plate for torsional support and durability. It is likely that its outsole will compress the foam over a long time of use.

The material on the top is lightweight. The criss-cross pattern has a parallel nylon thread running for added durability.

So it will be a great outdoor shoe overall.

User Review:

The shoe has gained so much attention for its amazing design and improvements. Overall user rating is 4.8/5. It’s a signature shoe. The popularity of the shoe is mostly based on its outstanding on-court performance. 

Expert Reviews


“UA Curry 9 is regarded as a slightly improved version of curry 8. Improves sizing, a strengthened wrapped upper, and less heel-to-toe drop results in improved lockdown and less toe-jamming. In Curry 9, the ground contact Flow foam is a little less plush, which may be due to the midfoot shank plate “


“This shoe definitely grows on me, Curry flow 9 is a top tier performer. The cushion had to be a bit bouncier, traction is amazing and it’s very lightweight. Most people will enjoy playing in the shoe.”

3Foot Doctor Zack

“Curry 9 is made with much more premium material than other professional sneakers, the outsole is much more forgiving. It is very comfortable and functional.”


“The Curry 9 cushioning is very low to the ground, I like the stability of the shoe. Traction is very grippy on the clean court that you can trip, so watch out for that, otherwise, it’s amazing in the cushion, traction, stability, and it’s very lightweight”


“I remain the strong advocate of the Curry line. It got you covered on all fronts with above-average cushioning, great traction, and solid support and the shoe is light as a feather. So I’m definitely a fan of these.”


“If you want to pick up a pair of curry 9, I’d say definitely go for it. I really loved them. And that’s definitely a shoe that’s gonna be in my rotation.”

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