Under Armour Curry Flow 10 Review 2023

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Our Verdict:

Best for Ankle support & Guards

Curry 10 has maintained the quality and performance of the Curry 9 basketball shoes. It’s very supportive, with amazing traction and cushion. The material is soft and breathable. Fit and lockdown are excellent. In my opinion, it’s one of the best signature shoes of 2023.

Shoe Details

Release Date: 0ct, 2022 | Signature: Stephen Curry | Top: LowTop | Lockdown: Lace up | Midsole: Under Armour Flow Foam | Material: Laced | Under Armour Warp


  • Very springy and bouncy cushion
  • Reliable and consistent traction
  • Breathable upper
  • Protects ankle with a stiff ankle collar
  • Needs no break in time
  • Solid stability and supportive build
  • Dust repellent


  • Not great for the outdoors
  • Less impact protection

Unboxing & Intro of Under Armour Curry Flow 10

Under Armour Curry Flow signature sneakers line has been unmatchable for their supportive setup. Steph Curry has suffered many severe injuries during his basketball career. 

Under Armour came up with a perfect design that allows fluid movements in fast direction changes. What completes the package is its rubber-free top-of-line traction pattern. That incredible innovation runs in the Curry sneaker line to maximize grip and minimize weight.

That said, I received mine, Under Armour Curry Flow 10, in a white box. The white under Armour logo on the top changes shade on tilting. Curry wrote on the sides, and that’s it.

Stephen Curry debuted Curry 10  in the “Iron Sharpens Iron” colorway. I ordered one pair, and the Warp upper looks more durable with tightly integrated thread. But is it a great performer on the court? Keep scrolling for the full performance review of Curry 10.

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Detailed Under Armour Curry Flow 10 Review

1. Traction:

Under Armour Curry, 10 shoes have a Flow foam that serves as midsole and outsole. The outsole is more or less the same computer-generated traction pattern that we had in Curry 9. 

The Curry Flow 10’s solid gripping traction is nonetheless the best traction pattern of the year. The spiral and circular traction pattern bites hard on the indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

As they say, the perfection and excellence continued in Curry’s latest sneaker, the debut release of the Curry brand under the UA umbrella. X on the outsole is the roman numeral for 10, as it’s the 10th signature sneaker of Steph Curry.

The white outsole bites well on any surface, but the dust pickup makes it difficult to go longer without wiping the outsole. It slips if you won’t wipe the outsole as the dust sticks in the deep nubs of the outsole.

Overall, it worked great for me, and I got consistent control even on the wet stops. So it’s top-tier traction.

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2. Cushion: 

Curry Flow foam makes the cushioning. The lightweight and soft Flow cushion is elastic and very springy. The cushion has a midfoot shank plate embedded that improves the jump height by giving you a solid base.

On your landings, it perfectly protects the foot muscles from crushing on hard surfaces with excellent impact protection. More so, the cushion supports the rebound backs and gives a ton of fun to play in. 

It’s a Responsive bouncy spring. With all these superior qualities, it has not cut down on the court feel, making it easy to cut, stop and start faster.

Overall, it’s a decent cushion.

3. Material:

The upper material of Under Armour Curry Flow 10 is the engineered mesh that they call Warp. New Warp 2.0 has replaced the conventional Warp, a multilayered flexible and supportive mesh to enhance containment and comfort.

The forefoot toes area has overlays for durability, and the colored lines on the Iron Sharpen Iron colorway that I have looks more like they have stolen the Adidas 3 lines logo.

But apart from that, the mesh has more reinforcements and thread on high-wear areas where it needs the most. 

The tongue has average padding with a pull tab with the Curry logo. The rear foot area has an overlay on the lateral side for stability. The material is lightweight and contains the foot very well.

4. Support: 

Under Armour has implemented excellent support features in Curry Flow 10. The wide base of the Curry 10 makes it super stable for hard cuts and lateral moves.

The Warp upper acts as a seat belt with varying thickness on high-wear areas to contain the feet on the footbed and improve the lockdown.

Flow foam wraps on the sides and comes up like a wall with a TPU or a stabilizer on the rear foot lateral sides. On the back, an extra plastic piece cages the shoe and improves lateral stability. It would give you enormous control over the pivoting movements.

The back area is embedded inside with an internal heel counter for better ankle protection. Curry 10 gives abundant support and stability.

5. Fit:

The Curry Flow 10 is super snug and tight, but it does not hurt my feet. The snug fit is not a weakness in the shoe.

If you have a problem with the tightness around the feet, you might want to get half a size up. But I felt secure, and lockdown is exactly how I like it.

The tongue and inner side of the shoe are padded to improve the comfort level. It does not feel that there is any pitching, heel slides, or discomfort.

6. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways:

Under Armour Curry Flow 10 looks like Curry 9 for the most part. Having the same Warp upper and Flow outsole.

I like the simplistic yet tech-packed design of Curry 10. Under Armour consistently makes an all-around excellent performance hoop shoe that looks like a lifestyle sneaker with its lightest silhouette.

Under Armour Curry 10 is available in many colorways, and I expect more soon. In addition to its debut colorways Iron Sharpens Iron, there are Sour Then Sweet, Northern Lights, More Magic, Curry-Fornia, and Treasure Island colorways available. 

Through Iron Sharpens Iron colorways, Stephen Curry thanks everyone who helped him during his journey.

7. Outdoor/Durability: 

Under Armour Curry Flow 10 has foam on the outsole. That means that if you wear them longer outdoors, the foam will damage the tough surfaces. 

Other than that, traction performance outdoors is as phenomenal as indoors. However, the white outsole gets dusty easily and needs wiping frequently.

So it’s ok if you want to wear it on the outdoor basketball court. But they are not going to last longer on consistent outdoor use. 

So overall, the performance remains the same as indoors, but it’s not very durable for outdoor abrasive surfaces. 

8. Breathability/Ventilation: 

Under Armour Curry Flow 10 has nice airflow, with the upper being lightweight and mesh. It allows airflow through the toe box.

It’s not heavily padded on the inside. Forefoot has minimal padding to provide comfort and  good ventilation through the toe box. 

I felt very comfortable and fresh after wearing them for hours on the basketball court.

9. User Review

Under Armour Curry Flow 10 is better in many ways than Curry 9. Its stability, comfort, traction, and lockdown are much better than the previous one. 

It received a rating of 4.8/5 from the users. 

10. Expert Review

1-Tommy Liu

“Overall so far so good. I dont find a reason to not like them. Nice cushioning and comfort, great traction performance on different setups. Nice lockdown and secure fit. When you combine a smooth ride with good stability, only good things happen.”

2-Hoop and Life

“ Its the more refined version of Curry 9. Hooping in a dusty court, they are pretty inconsistent when it comes to traction. Everything else besie this is flawless.”

3-Foot Doctor Zach

“Curry 10 is so much better than Curry 9. Flow foam is more tachy and stabilizers on lateral sides add more confidence on lateral moves. If you are looking for the shoe to go with nimble footwork, then Curry 10 is the great choice.”

4-Snkr Tech Talk

“The Curry 10 is more than an upgrade from Curry 9 with traction, support, cushion and material. These are all superior when I compare them with 9s. I do question where they will go with this design because both were similar.”

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