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Best for Flat Feet

The Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 has a great outsole build, it’s very durable and gives nice traction. Comfort and support are what make it stand out among the best basketball shoes out there.  Anyone with ankle Arch support issues would love to have this. However, the looks and the shape take time for you to get used to it. Overall, it’s one of the best basketball shoes with planter facilities.

Facts & Specs

Size: True-to-size | Weight: 480g | Top: High Top | Lockdown: BOA system | Midsole: BOOM cushion/ EVA/ Cloud foam | Material: Textile/ mesh


  • Biting traction
  • BOA lacing system for Fit
  • Heel-to-toe transition
  • Midfoot support
  • Torsional rigidity
  • Impact protection
  • Lightweight material
  • A quick heel-to-toe transition propels forward


  • Expensive
  • Rocker shape

Detailed Way Of Wade 9 Infinity Review

Li-Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity is the signature shoe of Dwayne Wade. The Way Of Wade 9 Infinity was released after Wade’s retirement from NBA. 

Li Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity has a complicated shape. The midfoot “Tunnel” is a highlight of shoe design. High-top cut Way of Wade 9 is very suitable for flat-foot players. 

Players with little or no arch, or basketball players with Achillies injuries will feel very secure in the shoes. Although the Basketball shoe price is very high, planter facilities in the shoe make it worth it.

Reviewers agree that the design has many similarities with Air Jordan 36 and 28. What’s more? Let’s find out in detail.

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The Li-Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity has Distinct traction on the outsole. The forefoot and heel area have a translucent herringbone pattern. 

The rubber in between has a squared intricate lattice pattern. This pattern is not so deep. But it is hard and durable.

The indoor and outdoor court traction is phenomenal. Especially if the player is moving in a straight line. 

The rubber outsole and the rocker shape of the shoe tend to push you forward. The heel-to-toe transition is very smooth and it seems like it pushes the basketball player in a forward direction. 

The Li Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity basketball shoes have shown phenomenal traction on the indoor courts. The translucent outsole picks up little dust. A dirty outsole may affect the traction. But it’s very easy to wipe. So Way of Wade 9 has great traction. 


Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 Infinity has many layers of cushion. The basketball sneaker has a Boom midsole above the carbon fibre shank. The distance between both gives it a distinctive curve shape. 

Below the BOOM midsole, there is a midfoot shank plate to support the midfoot area. EVA foam is lining the Boom midsole. 

Below the midfoot shank plate, there is a thick Cloud foam. Combining all these soft and high-tech cushioning setups makes the Way of Wade 9 Infinity a very responsive shoe.

The shape of the shoe gives enormous energy returns. You can make the highest jumps on the court with these excellent performance basketball shoes.

The impact protection on the heel is great. The forefoot area has low padding. But overall li ning 9 shoe cushioning is bouncy and soft.


The Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 has a thin upper material. The upper textile goes all the way up to the ankle. The fabric is lightweight and it does not have padding in it. 

However, the underneath mesh layer has many wide holes in it. The BOA system locking straps are made up of mesh material. 

All of these layers make the upper of the shoe very lightweight. The upper that wraps around the ankle also has no padding. The shoe is not very light in weight. 

The side of the shoes has two knobs to lock the feet in the shoe. Overall these are the best basketball shoes. The shoe material is very thin and breathable.


The support system in Li-Ning Way Of Wade is the highlight feature. The shoe has a midfoot shank plate running all along the Boom cushion. 

The shank plate gives it torsional rigidity. 

Li Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity is not so wide in the forefoot area.  The lateral movements are very well supported on the Way of Wade 9 Infinity. 

The Ankle area is just supported through the thin layer of fabric. It is nice to keep your foot in the position. A good support setup will prevent heel slippage.

The shoe offers very nice arch support. High-arch basketball players can face an issue to adjust with the curve bottom. But you get more comfortable in it as you play more in the shoes.

It is overall the best basketball shoe for flat feet players.


The fit on the Li-Ning Way Of Wade 9 Infinity is just right for narrow or medium-width players. They should go true to size if they are getting a pair of Way of Wade 9. 

Wide feet players should buy half size up than their true size. The shoe forefoot area is not so wide. 

Another way to fit in the true-size shoe is to remove the removable midsole in the shoe. The padding under the shoe is still nice for impact protection and court feel. 

However, this is a great sneaker for a wide-foot basketball player to fit in their true size.

  1. Looks / Appearance/ Colorways: 

Way of Wade 9 Infinity has very vibrant colourways. Recently there are 4 colourways available online. 

The look of WOW 9 Infinity is very similar to the Air Jordan 35 and 36. You can easily spot the similarities by watching the midfoot curve. 

However, the design details in this signature shoe look good and innovative with its modern BOA lacing system.

Overall, considering the design elements, many players can find them as modern-looking shoes.


Li-Ning WOW 9 Infinity is one of the toughest basketball shoes. The herringbone and the lattice pattern on the outsole grip very well on the floor. The quick stops are easier on the Way of Wade 9 Infinity. 

The thin lattice rubber in between is not very deep. Although it does the job. The traction pattern on the outsole is very durable. For the high price, it will justify its use for a couple of seasons.

The Way of Wade 9 Infinity is equally great in its use for outdoor games. In an indoor clean court, traction is very reliable. 

In the outdoor courts, the outsole gets little dust. But it gets better as you play more in the shoes. Overall it offers great traction on outdoor and indoor courts. The outdoor rating is 9 out of 10.


Li-Ning Way of Wade 9 has a textile upper. It fits like glue on the foot till the ankle area. The Ankle area is tightened with velcro. The material is thin and lightweight.

Underneath the upper textile material, the BOA system straps are composed of mesh material. The surrounding material has holes to make the shoe more breathable.

Way of Wade 9 shoe body is very thin and light that you can even see through it. It will not heat up your feet on the court. So the shoe is overall ventilated and very breathable.

User Review:

The China brand Way of Wade 9 infinity user has only a couple of user reviews. However, reviews are very supportive of the basketball shoe’s performance.  you can purchase Wow 9 infinity from its official website.

Expert Review

1-Foot Doctor Zach

“They are not best for low-to-ground feel. These are more for front-to-back speed for its shape. You play more in them and get more and more confidence for playing in straight lines as well as side-to-side sunning. These are really good as you can get a high floating jump on it”


“Way of wade 9 has some extra propellent force for its rocker shape. It tends to push you forward and makes you go faster. The traction is amazing indoors, but as these are very expensive, I was reluctant to use on outdoors. But it worked very well. cushioning is very cool. These are wild”

3-Shoezen. One

“This Way of Wade 9 Infinity kicks have always been synonymous with standout designs, excellent choices of materials used, and amazing craftsmanship. You can kick confidently around the basketball courts.”


“I don’t think these shoes are gonna wear down soon. These are durable. Overall I’m happy about the shoe. It took me time to get used to these are great for playing basketball.”

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