What Is A Glide Dribble? (Fully Explained) 

What Is A Glide Dribble? (Fully Explained) 

Have you ever watched a basketball game and wondered how some players are able to glide past defenders with ease? What Is A Glide Dribble? One of the techniques skilled ball handlers use to do that is the glide dribble. 

But what exactly is a glide dribble, and how can it help you on the court? In this article, we’ll explore What Is A Glide Dribble? and how it can be a valuable tool in your basketball arsenal. So, read on if you’re ready to learn more about this elusive move!

Steps To Perform A Glide Dribble

Here are the steps to performing a glide dribble move:

  1. Stand in a triple-threat position with your knees slightly bent. Keep your eyes up and dribble the ball with your dominant hand.
  2. Create space between you and the defender by stepping to the side with your non-dominant foot.
  3. Use your arm to protect the ball from the defender while pushing the ball out in front of you.
  4. While pushing the ball forward, move laterally away from the defender with your dominant foot.
  5. Take a second step with your non-dominant foot. This should bring you back to a balanced position.

For a successful glide dribble in basketball, keep this key point in mind. It’s important to pay attention to how your hips are positioned during this move. Whenever you perform the glide dribble, make sure your hips face the sidelines. In other words, you should dribble the ball on the same side as your lead foot, with your other foot slightly behind.

You can maintain better control of the ball by keeping your hips facing the sidelines, decreasing the chances of defenders stealing it. Keeping your hips in this position also allows you to stay balanced and maintain a good position for passing or taking shots when the opportunity arises. When practicing the glide dribble in basketball, ensure your hips face the sidelines to get the best results.

Practice this move with both hands while keeping your eyes open. Remember to create space between yourself and the opponent. The ability to create space quickly while maintaining ball control is the key to a successful glide dribble lateral move.

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When to Use a Glide Dribble

What Is A Glide Dribble? (Fully Explained) 

Glide dribbles are great for creating space, starting an offensive play, or changing pace laterally. The glide dribble is commonly used to create space between the dribbler and the defender. In situations where the defender is playing too close, a well-executed glide dribble can give the dribbler room to maneuver.

The glide dribble is also useful for changing directions quickly. When done effectively, the move can confuse defenders and give offensive players a new set of options.

When to perform glide dribbles is determined by a player’s judgment and the circumstances of the game. This can be an effective part of basketball strategy with practice and experience.

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Tips for Performing a Successful Glide Dribble

Here are some tips to help players improve their glide dribble in basketball:

  1. Keep your eyes up: This will help you anticipate the defender’s moves and allow you to adjust accordingly.
  2. Using your body: The glide dribble involves using your body to create space. The player can shield the ball with their arms or throw the defender off balance by changing directions quickly.
  3. Practice with both hands: To improve your ball-handling skills, practice the glide dribble with both your dominant and non-dominant hands.
  4. Be confident: Gliding dribbling requires confidence and decisiveness. Rather than second-guessing themselves or hesitating, players should commit to the move.

Following these tips can improve a player’s glide dribbling ability. With practice, this move can be a valuable addition to any player’s repertoire.

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Glide dribbling is a great basketball technique that, if mastered, can help you take your game to the next level. The skill has to be practiced, improved on, and done naturally with confidence to help you become a successful basketball player.

The glide dribble move creates space between the ball handler and the defender. It allows time for the offense to set up, change pace, or even make a driving lane. Keeping your eyes up, using your body to create space, using both hands and being confident are all important skills for effective glide dribbling.

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