Why Do People Enjoy Watching Basketball On TV – 5 Benefits of Watching NBA on TV

Why Do People Enjoy Watching Basketball On TV - 5 Benefits of Watching NBA on TV

As a huge sports fan, I know nothing can replace the experience of watching basketball in the arena. A game fan always tries to catch the live moments with a roaring audience. It’s the atmosphere that makes all the difference.

Why Do People Enjoy Watching Basketball On TV? But Is it enjoyable watching sports on TV while everyone has second-screen options in the arena in the form of cell phones? It’s hard to retain attention, but definitely worth it, at least sometimes. 

  • Is it worth it when you can catch on the live play?
  • Has watching basketball on TV outweighed watching it directly at the venue
  • Is the overall cost of watching basketball in the arena influencing the switch?

Stick with me because I will tell you all the answers and the benefits of watching basketball on TV.

Why Do People Enjoy Watching Basketball On TV

Why Do People Enjoy Watching Basketball On TV - 5 Benefits of Watching NBA on TV

Public sentiments are changing recently to watching basketball on TV than in the arena. One big reason is the overall cost that an average-income fan cannot pay if he wants to watch the game with the whole family. Moreover, fans complain that they miss many important moments in the game as there is no second screen to show replays. Mobile signals usually do not work efficiently in jam-packed stadiums too.

Additionally, improved media displays over the past decade have impacted game viewers because they can have all the fun in the comfortable space of their home with excellent screen quality.

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5 Benefits Of Enjoying Basketball On TV 

I love going to the venue to watch basketball almost as much as the next person. But now that I get a little uncomfortable with the noise, crowd, expenses, and parking difficulties, I assume that it’s much more peaceful and comfortable watching basketball on TV.

So here are 5 benefits of watching basketball on TV.

1. Comfort

Can you watch the basketball in blazing heat and consider the pants optional because it’s too hot in the arena? Obviously not. 

No level of comfort and the best seatings in the arena can replace the comfort of home. It’s just not the game where you’d have to worry about seating. But getting into the crowded parking line 2 hours before and after the game is a big hassle. 

On top of that, within the arena of 45000 capacity, where several people use the same toilets, Personnel hygiene will always be a concern. Moreover, you’d probably have to wait in long lines to get to the toilets. 

And not to mention that you’d miss the game during that time. And unfortunately, there would not be any replays.

 2. Saves Money

Is it astronomical prices that have changed public sentiments about the game? Statistically, a game ticket sells for 30 dollars. Even if it’s cheaper, it would not cost any less than 20 dollars.

Even the, sometimes in a big game, you have to buy tickets from resellers. That adds a lot in the price of a ticket.

So when an average-income guy buys a ticket for himself and his family, it becomes a big amount. Then the cost of snacks, alcohol, popcorn, are other food items are much higher at the arena. 

The average cost of beer is somewhere between 8 to 13 dollars. The price of a burger is not less tha 10 dollars, which is insanely high. And wait, the list does not end here.

You have yet to add up the parking fee to the cost because it’s higher than what you’d expect. On average, they charge around 30 dollars for parking.

So cost has a major effect that people are more inclined towards watching games at home where they can view the game at a fraction of the price.

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3. More Satisfaction

Yes, you read it right. Game fans often complain that they miss a large part of crucial game moments when they watch the game in the arena. 

In the middle of the noise and crowd, you can’t have the reviews to judge what would have exactly happened in the last moment when you were just shifting in your seats. Or when a naughty kid was disturbing you from the backseat.

Read that again – it’s more satisfying to view and review every little game moment at home on your TV. Some folks complained that they ended up watching the game again on TV because they missed many important moments when watching the game in the arena.

Although, this sentiment has not fully replaced the crazy experience of watching live sports. But it does sound more entertaining than the crowded venue.

4. Better Quality

The live broadcasting of basketball games has changed over the years. All the sidelines, aerial cameras and the picture they show from different angles take the game-watching experience to another level at home.

The 4k picture quality shows real-life-like images with auto enhancement and deep blacks features. It’s great to set up a home theatre and invite friends and family over to an NBA game. The joy of watching a basketball game and enjoying food is otherwordly.

Moreover, you can adjust the audio system in the front yard, so everyone hears the same voice quality and bass.

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5. Noise Cancellation with Better Media Telecasting

Thanks in large part to the big TV screen displays showing ultra-realistic pictures, watching basketball on TV has become a more pleasurable experience. While you miss the fun part of watching live sports.

Now basketball enthusiasts can watch the game with impeccable resolution in the comfort of their homes. The sound quality of ultra-modern home theatre gives a premium experience that is impossible to beat.

Moreover, the sound bars with bass and high volume and the noise cancellation effect can catch the exact game moments. Now that’s what you can’t get, even at the best seats at the venue.


Mainly two factors drive people to watch the basketball game at home: the skyrocketing cost and fear of missing the up-to-the-second detail they often miss in a crowded arena. 

Whatever the reason, it’s more comfortable and time-saving to enjoy watching basketball with friends and relatives at home. You can meet the family and have fun on the same day.

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